Language pairs & specialisations

I mainly translate texts related to clinical trials and pharmaceuticals, so I am familiar with the local drug regulatory environment and requirements.

Among therapeutic areas, oncology and immunology are of special interest to me.

My language pairs are English – Finnish and Finnish – English.


I translate the following kinds of medical, pharmaceutical and health care-related texts from English to Finnish:

  • clinical trial synopses
  • subject information leaflets and informed consent forms
  • correspondence between pharmaceutical companies, CROs and local regulatory authorities
  • medical market research questionnaires
  • patient questionnaires and assessment instruments
  • journal articles.


I typically translate the following kinds of texts from Finnish to English:

  • correspondence between pharmaceutical companies, CROs and local regulatory authorities
  • patient records
  • journal articles
  • patient questionnaires (back-translation).

I have worked in various roles as part of linguistic validation processes as an English-Finnish translator, back-translator, reviewer and linguistic lead.



How long a translation will take depends on various factors, such as the subject matter, length and complexity of the text. An accurate translation takes time. The reviser’s schedule also needs to be taken into account.


The price of a translation is based on the following factors:

  • language pair (English–Finnish / Finnish–English)
  • subject matter and text type
  • length (number of words/characters) of the text
  • target audience (specialist vs. layperson)
  • urgency.

This is why I always ask to see the text before providing a quote for translation.